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pkmncosplay's Journal

Pokemon Cosplay
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All Members , Moderated
A community dedicated to the sole purpose & love of cosplaying from our favorite series, Pokemon.
Gotta Catch 'em all! Pokemon!

Welcome to pkmncosplay. A community dedicated to the sole purpose of cosplaying our love for our favorite series, Pokemon. This community is a great place to ask for advice about a new cosplay, show off your latest costumes, form meetups at conventions, sell cosplay parts or pieces, or simply to start a discussion - we are down with that. But there's a catch - that's right! This community is dedicated to only discussing and talking about Pokemon related subjects. All new members must read all rules before posting anything!

The Rules.

1. All members must absolutely read and follow the rules of this community and the rules of Livejournal. You will be banned instantly. Please be familiar with Livejournal's ToS.
2. All topics in this community must be related to the art of cosplaying from the series of Pokemon only. This is not an open community for any other topics or series.
3. This community is rated PG. Please be careful with what you post (especially with language).
4. No off-topic posts. We do not tolerate spam.
5. Introduction posts are not necessary.
6. Please use common courtesy while posting.
7. If you are posting any images, please use only one image as a teaser image. It must be no bigger then 450x450. The rest must be behind an lj-cut.
8. Advertising for other communities, message boards, or websites is not allowed.
9. We do allow selling of Pokemon cosplay related items - which includes, but not limited to wigs, hats, bags, jackets, etc... This isn't a community to sell your Pokemon merchandise (such as games, TCG, figurines, etc...) Please do not take advantage of this and use it like a flea market.
10. If you take commissions for cosplays and want to advertise to this community, I will fly by that as long as it is not repetitive. You may post up to one advertisement post per month. Also - please do not discuss quotes, prices, or other commissioners in your comments. Please make your posts neat and not tacky.
11. Always tag! We use lots and lots of tags in this community and we favor them over memories.
12. If you are looking to start a meetup, photoshoot or looking to meet new friends to go to cons with - make sure to play nice and include everyone.
13. Respect your fellow community members and your moderator(s). No bashing, flaming, etc... is allowed in this community. It will not be tolerated.
14. The moderators reserve to right to make any on-the-fly decisions about post deletion and banishment.
15. If you see the "Mod" in comment or "Mod Post", please read it. It may be something extremely important.
16. If a new rule is needed to be made in the future due to the impact and size of the community, then it will be added at any time when needed.
17. Just have fun! Meet new friends and explore the love and obsessions of the Pokemon universe in cosplay style!

The Moderators.

tsukeru is reachable by livejournal PM
email: tsukeruu at gmail dot com
aim - tsukeruu
msn - tsukeru@hotmail.com

While contacting, please state where you are from and your issue/problem/question. We may be looking for more moderators to help with the community in the near future. Please keep an eye out for that if you would like to help with the community!

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