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[event] Ohayocon 2011
tsukeru wrote in pkmncosplay
Is anyone other then me attending Ohayocon 2011? If so, who (or what) are you cosplaying from Pokemon? Would you be interested in meeting up? I know there's a Pokemon shoot scheduled for Friday night, but I would be happy to meet any of you that may be going.

I will be cosplaying as Nurse Joy for sure. I may also bring Ash (season 1) along. But I should be in Nurse Joy for the shoot. I can't wait~~! See you guys there~!

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I should be going as Belle on Friday and N on Saturday. On Saturday, I should be with a group with another N, a Lyra, and a Morty. :)

Nice! Hope to see you there~!
I'm tempted to pull off Ash (Best Wishes) version and/or Black for Ohayocon too... but we'll see.. Nurse Joy will be my top priority.

If you were Black, it'd be super awesome. Might be switching days for Belle and N, I'm not sure, since my friend is being N but still wants to be N with N. If that makes any sense.

Might also have a Professor Araragi on Saturday too :>

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