I am now open for cosplay commissions!
I had been debating about this for a while now, but I am now opening up cosplay commissions. Now - I do not do giant rigs, but I do sew. I've been sewing since 2006, for the sake of cosplaying. I am a true believer that every detailed shouldn't be missed on a cosplay. I am also a two-time, award winning seamstress. I won a best-in-show cosplay at Shinbokucon 2011 for my Black (trainer) from Pokemon cosplay and recently, an honorable mention at Animarathon 2012 this year for my Red (trainer) from Pokemon.

To see examples of my previous work:

Deviantart - http://tsukeruu.deviantart.com/]http://tsukeruu.deviantart.com/
Cosplaylab.com - http://www.cosplaylab.com/search.asp?keywo...member&x=2&y=4/

http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=105758 (search for tsukeru)

Etsy feedback:

A little about my services:

Most full costumes take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete and to be shipped out. There's a good chance that it will be out a lot sooner then the four week mark, due to that I do not have any commissions lined up to the date. I do have a couple of artist alley conventions from now through May. Once both parties agrees on the commission and contract, I require at least half of the down payment of the quote to be given. I only accept Paypal as a form of payment. If you aren't putting the full payment down at the start of the commission, the commission will not be mailed out until it is fully paid off.

As far as shipping is concerned, for Canadians and international shipping, shipping will start at an extra $35.00+. (It generally takes anywhere from one week to four weeks to be shipped out internationally.)

If you live within the US, I offer free shipping via USPS. I ship generally less then 24 hours once the commission is completed. I do PM you to let you know when it is shipped. It generally takes 3 - 7 days for anything to be shipped within the USA. do live within the United States. I do offer shipping confirmation to any US resident for $1.50 extra and shipping insurance for an extra $3.00.

I will keep you updated weekly on progress. I will try to follow up with progress pictures too. Once the down payment is made, I can purchase materials 24-48 hours after the initial purchase of the commission. Once the material is purchased and commission is started, I can not do any refunds. I will also need your full measurements before or at that time of the commission process.

As far as quotes go, I discuss these privately with each person who inquires. I prefer to discuss this in PM or email. These quotes are based on what you want and what type of material is involved. My base price for labor included is $10.00 an hour, which I do keep work logs of each and every costume for my reference (and yours).

If you are interested in a quote, please send me the following while you are inquiring:

Character name:
Character series:
Reference photo(s): (the more the merrier)
What you need commissioned:
Your basic sizes: t-shirt size = (small, medium, large, etc) & waist/pant size= (in inches please)

Feel free to contact me via PM or email: tsukeruu@gmail.com. Please allow up to 24 hours for a quote. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Anyone alive out there?

Hi everyone! I'm Ali (you can just call me Silver) and I'm a new moderate here at pkmncosplay. I stumbled upon the community today, noticing it was super inactive. I want to change that, and bring this community back to life! I've never been to cons ;_; but I have cosplayed as Misty before, just last year

To get the ball rolling, and to see if anyone actually still checks out this community, what was your first cosplay/con?

Tepig (Pokabu) Gijinka Help?
Let's Make Believe
I'm going to be doing a Tepig (Pokabu) gijinka! I have nearly everything, the only thing I'm missing is the tail...

The problem I see with it is the red ball on the end, what would you guys recommend for that? I want something that won't weigh the whole tail down, but that isn't made out of styrofoam. Here's a reference picture, if you need it. ---> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:498Tepig.png

Help is greatly appreciated. <3

[event] Ohayocon 2011
Is anyone other then me attending Ohayocon 2011? If so, who (or what) are you cosplaying from Pokemon? Would you be interested in meeting up? I know there's a Pokemon shoot scheduled for Friday night, but I would be happy to meet any of you that may be going.

I will be cosplaying as Nurse Joy for sure. I may also bring Ash (season 1) along. But I should be in Nurse Joy for the shoot. I can't wait~~! See you guys there~!

[Mod Post] Welcome.
Welcome to the community. Please read all rules before joining and posting, which can be found on the pkmncosplay's profile.


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